如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號?

IQ-Software Version 7.0

Version 7.0

Version 7.0 of APIS IQ-Software, released in mid-2019, continues the long tradition of APIS IQ-Software. In addition to the complete functionality of version V6.5, it contains many innovations and additional functions. In particular, all 7 steps according to the AIAG/VDA FMEA manual published at the beginning of June 2019 are supported (FMEA scope, Action Priority, 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? valuation catalogs, AIAG/VDA form). The new Block/Boundary Diagram and Parameter Diagram editors also support these steps.

Reporting and other features

Version 7.0 offers improved reporting functionality in the form of the Management Report editor. This enables the 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? creation/updating of regular reports with key figures from the FMEA. New quality rules make it possible to automatically find problematic data constellations. There are 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? also numerous optimizations to the IQ-Software’s overall capabilities: context menu for hot-click symbols, 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? toolbars in the workspaces, revised and dockable Object Inspector (including multi-inspection via matrix display, reduced view and improved handling of variants and languages), new 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? collective input, new structuring of display options and settings dialogs, auto-complete in structure list and function/error analysis, fine zoom in all editors, background color for all objects, and much more.

Forms and action analysis

There are further innovations to the various form editors and action analysis, including multiple classifications, an 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? improved Excel export (colors, symbols, graphics) and the simultaneous opening of several forms. The Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) now has its own administration and actions can be directly integrated as tests.

In the expansion stages APIS IQ-FMEA PRO and APIS IQ-RM PRO, the “Design for Six Sigma (DfSS)” is supported by various editors (Pairwise Comparison Matrix, House of Quality 1/2/3). In these expansion stages, there is also the “Audit Trail” feature, i.e. a computer-generated change protocol with document version release, which is used in the field of medical technology (GxP).

To see a comprehensive overview of all the new features with screenshots, click here.


There are now several 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? videos to explain certain new features of the IQ-Software as well as installation videos. Click here for the video page.

Stay up-to-date

Via regular service packs 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? for Version 7.0, additional features will be added. All customer feedback is very welcome and will naturally be taken into account.

Contact our sales team [email protected] for more information.

IQ Option – 演示,登录,报价,IQ机器人,系统,策略,骗局,中国


風險警示: 二元期權交易帶有高風險, 請量力而行, 投資者可能會損失所有初始投入.

IQ Option 經紀人 – 二元期權 – 提供,免費試玩


風險警示: 二元期權交易帶有高風險, 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 請量力而行, 投資者可能會損失所有初始投入.

IQoption項 28

IQ Option 是最具创新性的经纪商之一。的提供是一個標準的要求,但智商選項提供遠不止於此,它使在二元期權行業領先的報價。

風險警示: 二元期權交易帶有高風險, 請量力而行, 投資者可能會損失所有初始投入.

  • 成立時間:2013年
  • 最低存款:10美元
  • 最低交易額:$ 1
  • 資產數量:許多資產進行交易
  • 支持:24/7
  • 存款/取款方式:信用卡,電匯,Skrill,Neteller,Boleto,Qiwi,WebMoney,CashU,iDeal,Fasapay,
  • 資產:貨幣對,股票,指數,商品
  • 模擬帳戶:是的,免費
  • 移動應用:Android,iOS
  • 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號?
  • 交易平台:網絡瀏覽器,獨立應用
  • 支持語言:英语, 法语, 意大利语, 葡萄牙语, 德语, 印地语, 泰国, 越南, 俄语, 土耳其, 阿拉伯, 韩国, 瑞典, 中文, 印度尼西亚, 孟加拉
  • 提款:3個工作日

IQoption項是最流行的經紀公司之一。他們設法讓每個人都可用二元期權交易的經驗。 IQoption項有最低存款,高品質的服務。他們提供的資產非常有吸引力的回報最大化 – 高達100%* (*在交易成功的情况下计入清算金额)。選項智商贏得了金融行業的最具創新性的二元期權經紀稱號的ShowFX世界會議。





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How to use Awesome Oscillator indicator in IQ Option

This is for traders who prefer technical analysis indicators and use them as an entry signal. It is flawed not to know the Awesome Oscillator indicator designed to measure the momentum of the market. In this article, let’s learn about what the Awesome Oscillator indicator is and trading strategies using this indicator with us.

What is the Awesome Oscillator indicator?

Awesome Oscillator (AO) is a graphical indicator, designed to measure market volatility. This indicator was designed and introduced for the first time by Bill Williams, hence it is also called Bill Williams indicator.

Like so many other indicators that have been introduced, the AO is also an indicator used to measure market volatility. This also includes recent fluctuations in exchange rates in the currency market. From there, it forecasts 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? the up or downtrend of the data series or exchange rates, etc. in the coming time.

How to set up Awesome Oscillator indicator

To set up the Awesome Oscillator: Choose “indicator” box -> Tab “Popular” -> Select “Awesome Oscillator”.

You can customize according to your strategy or use the 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? default setting of IQ Option.

How to use Awesome Oscillator indicator for trading in IQ Option

Basic signals are classified in the corresponding order as follows:

Saucer signal: It appears when the bars reverse (from upwards to downwards). The second bar is lower than the first bar and is red. The third bar is higher than the second bar and is green.

Zero Line Cross signal:

Twin Peaks signal:

Conversely, we have the Twin Troughs signal:

How To Trade Using Awesome Oscillator Indicator

To trade safely, you can rely on the standard Awesome Oscillator pattern.

Zero Line Cross

When the graph goes from the negative value zone to the positive value zone, we have a signal to open an UP order.如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號?

We just need two bars to confirm the signal. One of the two bars has a negative value and the other has a positive value (rising up from the negative value zone to the positive value zone). The price touches the support and rebounds.

Conversely, we just need 2 bars to cross the Zero Line from above (shifting from the 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? positive value zone to the negative value zone).

Twin peaks and 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? twin troughs

In order to trade with the Twin Peaks pattern effectively, the confirmation 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? is very important. You need to remember as follows:

– It occurs when the highest peak is above the zero line and the next one is a lower one (but still above zero, in other words the second peak is closer to zero).

– The columns between the 2 peaks must also be on the Zero Line. The signal has no effect in case the graph intersects the Zero Line between two peaks.如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號?

– Each new peak of the graph must be lower than the previous 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? one (or closer to 0).

When the AO indicator has formed 2 peaks, open an UP order.

To conclude

This strategy is used by experienced traders to analyze the most detailed. We can say that this is an indicator of the most effective indicator of momentum. You can 如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號? experience for yourself by trading with a demo account. Once you have a steady profit, start thinking about making real money in IQ Option.如何在 IQ Option 上產生最佳信號?



而二元期權交易最高也就拿90%收益,按理來說IQ Option外匯盈利的可能性要高的多。 在降低風險的同時,收益卻提高了,為何大家還做二元期權而不做外匯呢?



  • 【1】在iqoption中設置出4小時的K線圖。 (時間短了很難看出大趨勢)
  • 【2】連結圖中3個支撐點畫出趨勢線(最低為3個波谷,連結的越多壓力位置越準確)。
  • 【3】接下來,只要蠟燭觸及這條趨勢線就是買進位置。反之,跌破支撐線,說明趨勢發生變化。
  • 【4】槓桿建議選擇100倍~500倍。激進者可嘗試1000倍。
  • 【5】下單之前要設置止盈止損來迴避損失。止盈500%,止損95%,具體參考下圖。
  • 【6】順勢交易比較有用的鱷魚線和分型指標請參考以下鏈接。



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